Facilities That Truly Facilitate

D2 Video serves clients nationally and internationally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma headquarters. The full-service facility is both ISO 9001:2008 certified and FDA-registered. And even though FDA doesn’t govern repair facilities, D2 still chooses to adhere to the administration’s stringent guidelines.

The D2 facility is capable of replicating any surgical operating room, including those that use sterilizers, cauterizers and standard- or high-definition test equipment. This allows for better identification of problems as equipment can be tested in its end-use application.

The sophisticated site also features an in-house machine shop equipped with the latest CNC machines — assuring all mechanical parts that need to be replaced are machined to the same tolerances and material originally designed by the manufacturer. Laser welder and RF Induction units are utilized in all autoclave repairs, and stereo microscopes are used when soldering.

To confirm that all measurements are accurate and to maintain an optimum level of performance for the product being serviced, D2 uses only the most advanced testing equipment. State-of-the-art dry boxes are used to assemble all cameras and couplers — these safeguard against any humidity or moisture being trapped in the unit. Many times, fogging is caused by moisture or trapped humidity incurred during service of a unit. Helium leak detectors and other advanced testing equipment are used to make certain your repair passes our stringent quality program.

The Priority Is Safety

What do all these high-tech, highly sophisticated pieces of equipment add up to? Patient safety. That's the end goal of D2 and the utmost concern. All electrical medical equipment is serviced to ensure that the original approval granted to the original manufacturer is maintained as required by both UL & FDA medical specifications. Any failures are immediately reported to the customer.

Because D2 Video offers complete in-house services, there is no need to subcontract any work. All testing and repairs are conducted on site, which translates into a greater cost-efficiency for our clients. Once your equipment is received, you'll be provided with a free quote within 24 hours. Upon approval, repairs normally take 3-5 business days to complete.