Global. Local. Affordable.

D2 Video was founded on the premise that more affordable services and equipment would translate into a cost savings for the patient. Today, the patient remains D2’s number one priority. So much so that each technician must be able to answer one critical question before releasing any camera from their hands: “Would you use this on one of your family members?” Until that answer is yes, no equipment goes out the door.

D2 personnel designed and manufactured one of the first video systems ever used for the endoscopy market. Another first: repair service for all makes and models of endoscopic cameras and peripherals.

The engineering staff has experience in developing dozens of visualization products for medical, industrial, broadcast and veterinary markets. D2 has also developed and manufactured private-label products for many of the leading manufacturers in the medical, industrial and broadcast markets, as well as for the company's own brand of endoscopic products at their ISO 9001:2008 certified and FDA-registered facility.