Quality First, Excellence Always

D2 was established in 1990 as a means to make a difference in healthcare. The goal was to provide a superior and affordable camera repair service, with the net effect being a cost savings that would be passed down to patients.

From the outset, D2 operated under the guiding principles of integrity and honesty. With a motto of "Quality First, Service Always" and a firm belief that every client should be treated as they would want to be treated, D2 quickly developed a reputation as a company that did the job right the first time — so there was no second time or second expense.

Over the years, that relentless pursuit of perfection helped separate D2 from other third-party repair facilities. It is a continued quest for excellence that drives the company today, even as operations have expanded to include product engineering, design, manufacturing and sales. So with each camera that passes through our hands, we are still striving to make a difference in healthcare ... every day, in every way.