Endoscopic Camera Collaborative Development

No matter your camera manufacturing needs — large, small or somewhere in-between — D2 can help you meet them on budget, on time, every time. D2's reliable professionals will work with you each step of the way, from project inception to completion, to ensure you're receiving exactly what you’re seeking.

Collaborations to date have included clients both nationally and internationally. In 2008, D2 formed a strategic business partnership with Techcord of South Korea. The companies united to handle global service and sales for endoscopy video under the company of D2 Techcord, located in South Korea.

More recently, D2 formed a relationship with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center animal labs. This partnership encompasses the testing and development of new endoscopic product development and performance evaluation of existing surgical devices.

D2 Video has the history and experience to produce highly technical product evaluations and engineering solutions. Combined with the expertise of Lawrence DeBault, Ph.D, D2’s primary research investigator, surgical viability of new technologies and products can be evaluated on both an engineering and clinical basis — a complete engineering-to-clinical researcher review.