Imaging Equipment Manufacturing

D2 goes beyond the service business to manufacture its own line of products. This evolution that came about naturally and methodically. Based on years of experience and expertise in servicing equipment, it was only logical to take the next step into development — designing and building cameras from scratch, tapping into the vast knowledge base garnered over years of practical use. And ultimately, assembling cameras that D2 would be proud to call our own.

Yet D2 has never harbored any intentions of being a “me too” imaging equipment manufacturer who develops products that don’t offer anything new. The company isn't interested in driving market demand, but rather focused instead on listening to the market. What does the market need? How can this product be improved? Is there a gap here that could be filled — or better filled?

That same basic approach was applied to product design. For the first endoscopic camera, research had revealed that surgeons thought the camera felt like a foreign object in their hand — it was either too large or too small and just didn’t feel right. So D2's mission was clear: create a camera that a physician would actually want to use.

From A Child's Toy To A Surgeon's Tool

That mission led to a unique experiment, one that began with Play-Doh. To more completely understand what surgeons were seeking, D2 researchers sent Play-Doh around the world. They asked physicians to use it during surgery to indicate what they’d be comfortable holding.

What came back was a revelation. The physician molds indicted that size of hand wasn’t the driving factor, but ergonomics was key. How it fit into the shape of the surgeon’s hand. Out of the many Play-Doh samples emerged a prototype: a camera that functioned more as a natural extension of the hand and less as a clunky object to hold. This allowed surgeons to concentrate less on holding the camera and more on the surgery itself.

All of the D2 products since have stemmed from that one design. It’s an example of the kind of thoughtful, creative and analytical thinking that is put into each D2 product. Give us a call to learn how D2 can work for you.