Endoscopic Technology Development

D2 management holds a composite of seven patents for various endoscopy designs and has an extensive development history in 3D endoscopy technology. The D2 team was responsible for the technology that led to interchangeable camera heads. They also originated technology for the first three-chip remote head endoscopy.

Current D2 development programs include:

• HD 3D Endoscopy
• Distal Tip 2D and 3D
• Remote Optical Focus Control
• LED Light Source
• Micro Endoscope Camera
• Proprietary Scope ID System
• Proprietary LED Control System

All new products go through an exhaustive research process that can extend up to five years prior to product development. The initial phase consists of core technology and competency development (i.e. circuit designs or processing algorithms). From there, stages include proof of principle, prototype, general product requirements, design, modeling, software code development, assembly, testing and pilot production.