Medical Monitors

D2 offers three surgical monitors, each features sophisticated technology designed to provide unsurpassed precision in the operating room. For more information or to order any of these monitors, please contact us.

Optik View 24” Medical Display

This monitor conforms to medical-grade UL/IEC-60601-1 and other major international certifications for safety and quality assurance. It provides a crisp, clear 1920x1200 resolution that can only be achieved using IPS liquid crystal technology.

The 24" display is the precise tool needed to make the sharpest analysis and the most reliable diagnosis, or to produce the truest image of an operation in real time. Optional features include HD-SDI and RGBS inputs, which not only enable the latest technology, but also provide backwards compatibility so the user will have a consistent functionality that can adapt to diverse medical environments, supporting PIP (Picture In Picture) and PAP (Picture And Picture) applications for dual endoscopic imaging Ultrasound, PACS and Surgical Camera.


• Multi-interface
• IPX1
• Protective glass
• Fanless 

• User color
• RS-232
• 3G SDI
• IPX-1
• One touch

Download Optik View Spec Sheet

Sony 24” Medical Display

This widescreen monitor offers 10-bit signal processing and Sony ChromaTRU™ color balance technology for ultra high performance. It displays a 1920x1080P full HD signal pixel-to-pixel, enabling the purest reproduction of images captured by today's HD surgical cameras. The perfect addition to today's HD operating rooms, this monitor enables end users to experience the full benefit of their HD surgical cameras.


• WUXGA 1920x1200 full HD resolution 
• 10-bit signal processing
• Sony ChromaTRU™ color balance
• 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio
• Multi-picture display
• Multi-format inputs
• Touch-activated picture controls
• One optional input slot
• VESA mounting
• 20-user memory
• RS-232C or ethernet remote control capability

Panasonic 26” Medical Display

The full HD widescreen monitor implements Panasonic’s In-Plane-Switching technology, which provides excellent color images with a very high contrast ratio from almost all viewing angles. This technology coupled with 3D look-up table enables accurate color reproduction from low brightness to high brightness from almost all viewing angles.


• Multiple HD inputs
• Side-by-side display of 2 HD images
• 16:10 aspect ratio
• 1920x1200 pixel
• RS-232C