D&D Video Specialists Repair Knowledge


Raw cable:

  • With all the major brands (Storz, Stryker, Smith & Nephew, Olympus & Linvatec) releasing new camera designs all the time, raw cable is a specific design unique to each model. D&D reverse engineers each cable to the exact electrical & sterilization performance standards as the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cable.


  • Assembly techniques and epoxies used during replacement cable manufacture have been time and sterilization tested. Epoxies used are often the same or better than what is used by the OEM.
  • D&D Video Specialists Camera/Cable Technicians have over 150 years combined of experience with the repair of endoscopic video cameras.
  • D&D Video Specialists has onsite liquid silicone molding & overmolding capabilities, an Engel injection molding machine and a machine shop.

Stryker cable assemblies:

  • Since the larger circular connector found on the Stryker 1188 series, Stryker has used a plastic soak cap thread. These plastic threads are often found to be cracked or broken, which allows sterilization moisture into the connector area causing connection issues. Stryker still uses this plastic design on their latest 1488 camera model.

D&D’s replacement connector design has always incorporated anodized aluminum soak cap threads which have not and will not be broken.  D&D uses this aluminum design on all 1188 through 1488 camera cable/connector replacements.

  • Stryker’s latest 1488 camera cable assembly has been observed to have issues with the head end strain relief tearing and coming loose from the head end ferrule. This is due to a sharp corner end of the head ferrule which cuts the overmolded strain relief from the inside.  

When reverse engineering this cable, D&D recognized this problem and improved the head ferrule design where it does not internally cut the overmolded strain relief.

Smith & Nephew 560H:

  • D&D’s Smith & Nephew 560H replacement cable is almost identical to the OEM design. One area of improvement was the edge card connector ground plate. It has been observed that the OEM ground plate gets dented rather easily possibly causing grounding connection issues with the control unit.

D&D’s 560H edge card connector ground plate is made of stainless steel and has been found to be much more resistant to damage and denting when compared to the OEM.

Storz Image 1 H3-Z (22220055 & 22220053):

  • D&D’s Storz H3-Z replacement cable is almost identical to the OEM design. D&D has gone through painstaking efforts to find the perfect material for the edge card connector housing. D&D’s edge card protector ears will not break like many other replacement designs. Overall, D&D’s replacement cable assembly for the Storz Image 1 H3-Z is a great quality replacement for a great price.

Olympus Office Cam HD (OTV-S7 Pro H-HD-L08E):

  • D&D’s replacement cable for the Olympus Office Cam HD utilizes a gloss finish instead of the OEM’s matte finish. The internal wires and shielding are identical to the OEM. D&D has found that the gloss finish on this particular cable design is more durable than the matte finish. We have received cameras in for repair that have been mistakenly autoclaved and the matte finish cable appears to have been cut open all along the cable length. These cuts allowed for additional autoclave steam to enter into the camera and paddle card assemblies exponentially increasing the damage possibilities. We have also received cameras in for re-repair that have been mistakenly autoclaved with our gloss finish cable and the cable jacket was only swollen with no additional autoclave steam entry points caused by the cable itself.