Stryker 1588 AIM Repairs


D & D Video Specialists, INC, is pleased to announce that we have full repair capabilities for the Stryker 1588 camera as well as the Stryker 1588 coupler including the rear filter replacement.

We have received several Stryker 1588-020-122 AIM couplers that have had the rear filter replaced with glass.  When the filter is replaced with glass, the coupler will no longer function as part of a fluorescent imaging system, rather as a standard camera/coupler.  The filter must be in the coupler to be used for near-infrared imaging when connected to the L10 light source with AIM technology.

D & D has gone to great lengths to analyze and reverse engineer the filter to ensure it meets OEM specifications. Stryker 1588 AIM, (Trademarked by Stryker) and has no affiliation to D & D.