D&D Video Specialists, Inc. Updates Registration


D&D Video Specialists, Inc. (D2 Video™) updated facility registration for manufacturing of medical devices with FDA.   D2 has been registered since 2007 and has successfully manufactured USB single CCD system designed for use in high-end diagnostic imaging systems, and USB 3 CCD System a digital processing compact color camera, enabling users to store still images and connect with networks using advanced software technology for medical applications. The USB single chip CCD System was private labeled for use in the Veterinary market as well various medical markets.

Although the USB 3CCD standard definition camera system was designed for use in all endoscopy applications, many heart facilities purchased the D2 system for use in vein harvesting and thoracic procedures, as the performance was superior to any camera including HD systems available on the market.

Due to the end of life for both systems, D2 designed and developed a single CCD HD system and 3CCD HD system. The 3CCD HD system has 1080p output, with true 16x9 multi-format high-definitions delivers sharp, pure color images.  Both systems are due to be released the first quarter of 2012.